Gold Features



One day and telephone Customer Support

Help from real people who want to make sure you get the most out of Shopper and have no problems!  Our best loved and most frequently praised feature!


Messaging and advertising controls

You control when and if you want messages from our sponsors.


Apple Watch Support

For iPhone users who have an Apple watch: you can use it to check items off your list and be hands free in the store!



Selectable Color Schemes

Choose from one of 10 different color schemes to suit your personality … or even just your mood.



Best price indicator

We color code the price so you can tell if there is a better deal at another of your stores.



First say on future improvements

Suggestions from our Gold Members come first when we do feature enhancements.

Exclusive access to future improvements

We will no longer be enhancing the base feature set of Shopper.  All future enhancements will be available to Gold Members only.

That warm glow

That comes from joining all your fellow Gold Shoppers who help keep the lights on.




Shopping list templates for pantry tracking or repeat grocery shopping.

History and frequent items

Use your shopping history to plan in a snap.  We keep track of what items you frequently get and how long it’s been since you checked them off.  Things you need are easy to spot and add while making your list.


Automatically track taxes on items that have been marked as taxable.